Every day I get a lot of e-mails from the readers of my blog. They write to say thanks, ask questions or send interesting playing strategies and gaming secrets. I want to publish some of the most interesting and useful letters on this page. May be they will also be helpful to our readers.

This what Emily from Texas writes:

Hi, John! Thanks for the invitation to your blog! I’m not sure I can read something new, as I have 20 years of gambling experience, but I can help you to educate new players. Let me know and I’ll gladly send you some poker or Blackjack playing techniques (you know how good I’m at these games).

Take care and best wishes!

My answer:

Dear Emily! Thanks a lot for your sympathetic letter. You are a great player! I saw that you may be very patient or able to risk it all when needed. You know how to win and have fun at the same time! I’m sure that my readers will appreciate some gambling tips from such a perfect players as you are. Looking forward to your letters! We’ll publish your letters as separate posts, so that they are seen on home page and all readers can see them.

Take care!