Glossary of slot machine terminology

glossary_article_slotsOver the years, slot machines have drastically changed, as has the various terminology that describes them. Here are some of the basic terms and definitions that will help you understand them more.


Basic Slots

Also known as “straight slots” and “flat-top slots,” these single payline slot machines always have a constant jackpot payout that never changes.
Bet Max

This allows you to bet the maximum amount of coins on each spin that you make. This is also when the best payouts take place. The only exception, however, is whenever you play a multi-line slot machine, as you will have to activate every payline. However, you can stretch your overall playing time by betting 1-2 coins per line.
Bonus Added Slots

These slots are available at both land-based and online casinos and feature the following:


  • Multi-spins
  • 5 reels
  • Multi-lines
  • Bonus games
  • Wild symbols
  • Scatter pay
  • Multiplier
  • Nudge-hold



This is the amount of money or credits that you win after playing a slot machine. After concluding a round of bonus slots, you will see the “collect” button.


Double-Triple Symbols

This shows that your total payout amount is either doubled or tripled whenever these symbols appear in the center of a single payline slot when combined with other symbols in any kind of a winning combination. Any two or three of these same symbols will increase the overall jackpot.


Hit Frequency

This is the average amount of slot machine spins. The lower the hit frequency is, the better chance you have of winning.

Hold and Re-Spin Bonus Slots

This involves the player holding the reel results as the other reels spin, which can result in the player winning additional credits.


Line Bet

This is the overall wager for each single line that has been activated.

Linked Jackpot

This jackpot is increased by the percentage of coins that has been wagered by two or more machines.


Multi-Line Slots

These slots offer players up to as many as 50 different paylines at a time. They can come in denominations such as penny, nickel, quarter, and dollar.


This is a slot feature in which winning credits can be multiplied anywhere between 2x and 10x for a bonus win.

Multiplier Slots Version

These slots pay for specific symbols on a certain scale, such as five coins for a cherry when playing one coin on a three-reel slot, while the payout for playing max coins would be much larger.


Nudge Slots

These are slots that contain a “drop down” paying symbol in the event that you win. This could come in the form of a diamond, basketball, or wild symbol. Nudge slots typically contain the word “Deluxe” in their name.


Progressive Slots

These are slots that offer constantly-growing jackpots, the totals of which depend on the amount of money that are put into them. Whenever someone wins the jackpot, the overall value is automatically reset to the minimum amount. Max play is also mandatory on these slots.



This is the number of wheels that are displayed in the window of the slot machine itself and have symbols imprinted on them that are specific to that particular game.


Scatter Pays

These are symbols that still pay the player, despite the symbols themselves not being on the exact same payline. These only pay on a line that have been activated with a wager.

Short Win

This is something that occurs all the time on any slot machine. Even a large jackpot can be hit with a minimal cash bet. For instance, $15 can win you an amount in the $1,000’s.

Slot Types

There are four major categories of these:

  • Basic
  • Progressive
  • Bonus
  • Group/Community Play


Wide Area Progressives

These are slots that are linked to more than one single casino, country, or area. The progressive jackpot is displayed as the same exact amount at every machine regardless of the location.

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